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This website strives to be different from most political websites. Our campaign for Mayor is all about providing service to the public. Here are some issues we’re highlighting. Please contact us to share your interests or comments.

Growth Choices and Costs

The government of Snoqualmie makes zoning decisions and determines the rules for local development. The City also works under state law and has committed to work within a regional framework to plan for growth, transportation, and environmental protection throughout the Puget Sound four-county area.

The current administration and Peggy’s opponent in the mayoral campaign have prioritized the interests of developers who would make Snoqualmie grow too fast, far in excess of this regional plan. Peggy’s opponent has pushed to develop city-owned natural lands or sell city owned land to private land developers, and ignored future infrastructure costs.

Financial Mismanagement and Lack of Transparency

Under practices as old as our nation as well as by State law, City Councils are responsible for the city’s financial decisions. This means Council must have access to supporting documentation for payments made and to financial audit information. Shockingly, the current administration routinely withholds this information from City Council members. When Peggy Shepard asked questions and raised issues, her opponent voted to further limit transparency by prohibiting Council members from seeking to review financial information for themselves.

The state auditor found numerous issues with the City’s records and process as a result of Peggy’s detailed review. The state auditor issued a negative finding against the city for not using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Improving Public Notice

Many Snoqualmie residents have had the unfortunate experience that important public information, like how our City will develop in the future, is hard to get. Spurred to run for office four years ago because of public notice issues, Peggy Shepard has listened to the people and is committed to implementing their suggestions.

Voting Record

The current mayor and his endorsed candidate for replacement have repeatedly supported issues that take from the Snoqualmie taxpayers without examining better options. One council member, Peggy Shepard supported doing more for competitive bids, more to save money, supported the people’s right to pass their own initiatives, and more. Click to read more about the detailed differences.

Politically Motivated and Timed Ethics Complaint

The mayor's politics, along with his endorsed candidate to replace him, have been hostile to Peggy Shepard's actions on Council. Peggy has insisted on financial transparency, blowing the whistle to the the state auditor on several financial errors the city was making. Peggy did her diligence on the Snoqualmie Mill Site which is still in the early stages of environmental review, by making sure that the Department of Ecology has proper cross-referencing of its records of this 100-year-old toxic contaminated site. In 2018, Peggy asked a King County staff member to convert a legal text description of a development site being reviewed by City Council to into a visual map. For this, the mayor waited until 2021 to bring a complaint that she improperly reviewed the development application.

Making it Easier for Citizens to Vote

Full disclosure of voting information is also very important. See our special Voting Information section that contains some helpful links on making sure you have an up-to-date registration and have the information you need to vote.

Democracy can only thrive with full disclosure of public information. So we posted some thought-provoking articles from the past in our Public Information Section.

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Peggy Shepard

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